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Laurie M

Lake Forest, CA

Karen is an excellent teacher who loves her job. My son took lessons with her for about 2 years when he was younger. He developed a love for playing the piano during his time taking his lessons with Karen. She was very accommodating when we had to reschedule due to his baseball. Eventually his sports became more important and he stopped taking lessons but what he learned by Karen during that short time stayed with him a lifetime. Now he is ready to leave for college and I often hear him play the piano when he has some down time. He plays better then I do and I had 5 years of instruction. I credit his love for piano to the instruction he got when he was younger and his feeling of confidence when he sits down in front of the piano.

Cynthia M

Laguna Hills, CA

“Karen taught our son piano for approximately 5 years. * very good with kids * very patient and encouraging * engaging * semi-annual recitals * she plays piano at recitals * good music selections * flexible * good with introductory concepts (scales, harmony, theory)”

Diane B

San Clemente, CA

Karen Ramirez has proven herself to be a very experienced, skilled, and dedicated piano teacher. She teaches from a wide variety of repertoire; emphasizes pianistic technique, theory, musicality, and provides a professional, stress-free environment in her studio. Karen has a warm, vivacious, caring personality, and maintains an excellent rapport with her students.


Aliso Viejo, CA

Miss Karen is so funny and makes learning the piano fun! I have learned a lot of cool songs and the recitals are great!


Laguna Niguel, CA

“My son was an energetic and fiesty 8 year old when he expressed a love for classical music and an interest in learning to play the piano. Karen and I had been friends for years, and I was aware that she taught piano. So I contacted her to see if she would take on another “fiesty” student. Not only has she been a phenomenal teacher, but it is the only time my son sits still for an hour at a time! She makes the lessons so much fun for him! They play duets together and he doesn’t even realize he is being taught. I wonder if she does math?! Humor aside, she has fostered a love of music in him that is a joy to behold. Thank you Karen!”


Aliso Viejo, CA

After much searching and interviewing, I had pretty much given up on the idea of finding a piano teacher for my very young daughters, one of whom has developmental delays; then I found Karen Ramirez. Lots of piano teachers claim to specialize in teaching little ones, but Karen truly has that special quality that enables her to engage a child and keep their attention and make learning fun instead of a chore. Both of my children are not only learning the piano, but are gaining a true enjoyment and appreciation for music. Karen has amazing musical knowledge and talent, but it is her gentleness, enthusiasm, and endless patience that make her an extraordinary teacher. “

Piano Lessons by Karen
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